KIRA is a consulting company born from the association of 2 trainers, Charlotte KING and Franck RAMAGE, who, with their complementary personalities, bring an expertise in the education of Sommellerie with a sharp, pragmatic, efficient and definitely uncomplicated approach.

Our vocation is to train all professionals in the world of wine, whether they are already working in the kitchen, the pastry or the restaurant, or are about to become so. The objective is to acquire an expertise in this sector of activity which will enable them to respond effectively to a better informed and increasingly demanding clientele.

Online and/or face-to-face training courses on tasting, oenology, knowledge of French vineyards (study trip to the vineyard possible) and Sommellerie techniques.

These courses can also be combined with in-company experience under an internship agreement.

Sommelier Fundamentals :

These courses have been created for those who want to dive into the understanding of wine as well as the fundamentals of tasting and service. Perfect for those who want to open a restaurant or impress their friends.

Prerequisite for registration: no

Duration of the course : 20 hours of lessons with a professional sommelier


  • 36 bottles of wine to taste and to start building a cellar,
  • Tasting glasses
  • A Coravin

Topics covered:

  • The basics of oenology (The vine, the terroir, the grape, the types of viticulture…)
  • Vinification (red and rosé wines, white wines, sweet and fortified wines, sparkling wines)
  • Sommellerie (Introduction to tasting, glassware, serving sparkling wines, decanting, serving temperature)

Programme adapted to the group’s schedule, at home in Paris or by videoconference, with material and wines sent to you.

Programme in French or English

Intensive wine and sommelier courses :

These courses have been designed for all those who want to obtain the knowledge and skills to enter the wine world professionally.

The programme is divided into two modules :

  • Module 1: Vinification, tasting and sommelier techniques (52 hours)
  • Module 2: The vineyards of France (50 hours)

Prerequisite for registration :
No prerequisite for Module 1
Module 1 or equivalent required for Module 2
Both modules can be done with an interval of time between the two courses

Format :
102 hours of lessons
192 bottles of wine to taste and to build your cellar
Tasting glasses

Module 1 :

Vinification, tasting and sommelier techniques (52 hours/84 bottles of wine/35 lessons)

Topics covered :

  • The basics of oenology (the vine, the terroir, the grape, the vegetative cycle, yeasts, maturation, filtration…)
  • Vinification (red, white, rosé, sweet, fortified, sparkling)
  • Wine diseases and natural/bio/biodynamic wines
  • Learning to taste (visual, olfactory, gustatory)
  • Application of the technique (texture, tannins, horizontal and vertical tasting…)
  • The art of sommellerie (storage, service, decanting, temperatures, food and wine pairing)

Price : 7900 € INCL. VAT

Module 2 :

The vineyards of France (50 hours/ 108 bottles of wine/ 25 lessons)

Topics covered :

  • Viticulture (conventional, organic, biodynamic, natural wines…)
  • Ageing (materials, forms, barrels…)
  • French vineyards (14 regions)

Price: 8900 € INCL. VAT

Programme adapted to the schedule of the group (4 to 6 people) at home in Paris or by videoconference with delivery of the material and the wines.

Programme in French or English

MODULES 1+ 2 = 16 300 € INCL. VAT

If you are interested in our partnership with Kira Consultants, please contact us, or consult their website before subscribing to our reduced rate,

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